Who Should We Ask To Collect Wedding Gifts And Decorations?

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While it is a beautiful, memorable experience, your wedding day can be long and busy. In the hours before the ceremony begins, you and your partner – along with your wedding party members – can meet to prepare for the wedding. Many couples will have errands to run and tasks to manage before they arrive at the venue. Fortunately, when the reception ends, no one expects the newlyweds to stick around and help take down decorations! While you and your partner can enjoy a happy exit, you should have wedding party members or family members prepared to take home decorations, wedding gifts, and any other items left at the end of the night. Trusting someone to oversee this task can ensure you know who to turn to later when you need to pick these items up!

The Happy Couple Typically Leave Before The Breakdown Of The Reception Area

The end of the night for the newlyweds will see guests gather together to give them a proper send-off before they exit. This occasion marks the official end of the wedding festivities, but there will still need to be a breakdown of the wedding decorations, along with the removal of wedding gifts, cards, and other items. If you hire workers to handle the setup and removal of decorations, or if you have our All-Inclusive Wedding Package, this can be handled for you. Even if this is the case, you can require someone to take the gifts and other items that belong to you, meaning someone will have to stick around!

Designating End Of Night Responsibilities

Even if the responsibilities are limited, you should know who is responsible for taking home items. This responsibility can go to the maid of honor or best man, or one side of your now-united family can take home anything you will need to pick up at a later date. Ideally, gifts, leftover alcohol, and anything else you might need to take will go with someone who lives near you, making the pickup and movement easy the next day.

What If We Plan To Go On Our Honeymoon Right After The Wedding?

So what should you do if you plan to go straight from your wedding to your honeymoon? With such a short turnaround, it may make little sense to try and pick up gifts and other items before you need to depart. In this situation, you may need someone to hold items for you for a longer period of time. Give them as much notice as possible if this will be the case. A small souvenir from your trip can show gratitude for their willingness to hold anything for you.

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