Month: September 2020

3 Extra Touches That Can Make Your Ceremony Feel Magical

No matter how formal or informal you want your overall wedding to be, the ceremony at your event can be heavily influenced by tradition. While this can set certain expectations for this part of your celebration, you do not have to have a ceremony that feels like it would fit anyone’s wedding! With the right additions, you… Read more »

Things To Think About Before Sending Save-The-Date Cards

While your wedding invitations have a clear purpose, you may have some questions about why you are expected to send save-the-dates. What makes these cards different from traditional invites, and are they always necessary? The simple answer is that a save-the-date card lets someone know the basic details of your wedding regarding the date and… Read more »

3 Things To Think About When You Begin Planning A Wedding

Before you begin making plans for your wedding, you should feel free to take a moment and savor your excitement at becoming engaged. Of course, if you hold off on planning for too long, you can create problems for yourself later in your engagement period! While there are some tasks that can wait, there are… Read more »

How Can I Make Sure Our Wedding Guests RSVP In Time?

While there are many tasks you can – and should – take on early in the wedding process, some matters have to wait until your guests begin to RSVP. Without your expected guest count, you will not know how much alcohol you need at your bar, or how many people you should plan to serve… Read more »

Do Bridesmaid Dresses Really Need To Be Identical?

In the past, it was assumed that bridesmaid dresses would always be identical. However, many brides have started giving the people in their wedding party more freedom when it comes to the selection of their gowns. What can you do to make sure your bridesmaids match at your wedding if you are not giving them… Read more »

How Table Centerpieces Showcase Your Style At The Reception

Once you establish a wedding theme, you can start looking for decorative pieces that contribute to the mood and level of formality you want for your special day. While every decorative touch matters, a few choices will inevitably attract more attention than others. One decorative piece that is particularly important if the wedding centerpieces you… Read more »

Photo Opportunities At Your Wedding You Do Not Want To Miss

With a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony to enjoy, along with a fun-filled and lovely indoor reception, there will be no shortage of photo-worthy moments during your celebration. With that said, there are certain moments that are particularly image-worthy during a wedding, and it can be important to make sure they are captured. Many of these… Read more »

Designing Bouquets For The Bridesmaids And Bride

While weddings typically feature many floral arrangements in their decorations, the bouquets held by the bridesmaids and bride can receive special attention. The bouquets can help complete the look of everyone’s outfits, and they create more opportunities to show off your wedding colors. It can be hard to resist the urge to create something elaborate,… Read more »

Reasons To Select A Winter Date For Your Wedding

While some people have a hard time envisioning a wedding celebration taking place outside the spring or summer, many couples have found winter to be an inviting time to host their special day. For couples who want an outdoor wedding in particular, the season can hold real sway over the look and feel of their… Read more »

Are You Struggling To Craft Your Wedding Vows?

While you know you are ready to spend the rest of your life with your partner, you may be struggling to find precisely the right words to say so during your wedding ceremony. While you can exchange traditional vows during the wedding, many couples have chosen to pen something more personal to say when they… Read more »