3 Extra Touches That Can Make Your Ceremony Feel Magical

Professional Photo By: Sarah E Photography

No matter how formal or informal you want your overall wedding to be, the ceremony at your event can be heavily influenced by tradition. While this can set certain expectations for this part of your celebration, you do not have to have a ceremony that feels like it would fit anyone’s wedding! With the right additions, you can create an experience that wows your guests, and you can give your photographer beautiful images to capture. Because all of our venue options provide stunning views of our Texas Hill Country surroundings, you can make use of a gorgeous backdrop to make your event feel truly special!

1. Have Musicians Play The Music During Your Ceremony

Music is typically a part of the wedding ceremony, but couples often choose to have pre-recorded pieces play at select times. By choosing to have live musicians on hand to perform for you, the music during your event can stand out. A live performance can be particularly effective at maintaining an atmosphere for a formal wedding, but a more laid-back affair can still benefit from this touch. If you want to include modern works in your music during the event, you can find that many groups who specialize in wedding performances are flexible enough to work your selections in for ceremony.

2. Write And Recite Your Own Vows

If you want people to know just how you feel about your partner, consider writing your own vows for the ceremony. By doing so, you can pen something that suits your occasion, and you can open up to everyone about why you are so excited to spend your life with the person standing with you at the altar. One thing worth remembering is that you do not have to memorize the vows you write. In fact, even people who take care to memorize what they want to say often write down their words and have them on hand. This can help you recover if you become nervous and lose your place!

3. Do Something Special For Your Exit From The Ceremony!

Little touches like the tossing of petals during your exit, the playing of a special song, or anything else that strikes your fancy can add some magic to the end of your ceremony. Visually striking choices like the petal toss do more than just create a fun departure – they also create opportunities for your wedding photographer to capture lovely images!

You Can Enjoy A Wedding That Feels Magical At Texas Old Town!

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