3 Things To Think About Before Creating A Wedding Website

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Will you need to set up a wedding website? While some couples can prefer to do without their own site, many find it to be a convenient way to share information with all of their prospective guests. The website acts as a primary location for updates and information that can be easily accessed. While this should not be your only form of communication, it can do a great job clarifying questions people might have before your special day. As you set out to create your site, there are a few things to consider. Some of those considerations concern the purpose of your site, and how it can make your engagement period easier. Others are more concerned with how the site should look, and how it can be a good early reflection of your actual wedding event.

1. Determine What Your Wedding Website Can Do For You

Why do couples set up wedding websites? While their digital space can inform guests about their upcoming wedding, their invitations also extend useful information. While wedding invitations should provide clear information about the date and time of the wedding, and hint at the attire preference for guests, a website can provide more detailed information. You can add resources like links for your wedding registry, and also set up a page to address questions that people might want to ask.

2. Fit Your Wedding Colors Into Your Design For Your Site

Your wedding website, like your invitations, can give guests a “preview” of what your actual wedding will look like. One way to hint at the look of your event is to use your wedding colors in the design of your site. You should also try to approximate the formality of your event with the design of your pages. For example, if you plan to celebrate a relaxed wedding experience, you may want to stick with a more casual and fun design for your site. However, if the event is going to be a formal one, a more stylish site is appropriate.

3. You Can Decorate Your Site With Your Engagement Photos

Your wedding website gives you a new space to share your engagement photos. While these images are often shared through social media now, you can include more pictures while also using them to occupy space on your pages. This is a great way to personalize the site while also celebrating your relationship. It also gives people who are not on social media an opportunity to see the pictures you took!

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