3 Tips To Help You Make The Most Of Your First Dance

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

The happy couple’s first dance tends to take place near the start of the wedding reception. By putting it before dining, you can keep guests entertained while giving your caterer some extra time to prepare everyone’s food. Like the ceremony, this event will see everyone’s eyes on the two of you as you share a special moment together. It is up to you to decide if this is something you should take seriously, or something that should have a more lighthearted approach. You also have the freedom to decide if you want to do something elaborate or simple. No matter what you decide, you should put thought into this part of your reception. It can be a popular moment with guests, and your wedding photographer can capture images that you will want to cherish!

1. Take Time To Practice (Even If You Intend To Stick With Simple Moves)

While some couples see the first dance as a chance to show off their rhythm and grace, others want to stick with moves that are more modest. Even if you opt for something simple, you should take the time to rehearse. By doing so, you can make yourselves more comfortable when you have guests watching you perform. This also gives you an excuse to take a break from more stressful planning moments and share a nice dance with your partner!

2. Spend Time Thinking About The Right Song For This Moment

If you two already share a song that means something to you, this may be an easy part of the dance to plan. However, many people are unsure of what one song best captures the spirit of their romance. If nothing sticks out, think about the general features you want from a song – do you want something traditional or modern, and should you stick with something conventional or make an unexpected choice? Once you know what you are generally looking for, you can have an easier time narrowing your choices down to something you really want.

3. Count On Your Photographer To Capture Great Images

Having a wedding photographer you trust can be important throughout your celebration. With that said, few moments in the reception will yield pictures as fun and romantic as those taken during your first dance! Someone with experience should understand just how important this moment is, and they can be trusted to find themselves in the right places to capture the right shots.

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