Are You Struggling To Craft Your Wedding Vows?

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While you know you are ready to spend the rest of your life with your partner, you may be struggling to find precisely the right words to say so during your wedding ceremony. While you can exchange traditional vows during the wedding, many couples have chosen to pen something more personal to say when they stand at the altar. This provides you with an exciting opportunity to let everyone know why you are overjoyed to be marrying the person you love, but it can be a challenge to turn your feelings into statements. Remember that you and your partner can talk about general matters related to the vows, like their length and tone. Remember also that whatever you ultimately write will be spoken out loud – as you begin writing, take time to listen to what you want to say out loud in order to see if your sentiments are truly being captured in your vows.

Why Couples Choose To Craft Personal Vows

Personal vows give you the opportunity to speak not just about marriage in general and its meaning, but the significance of your choice to be with your partner for the rest of your shared lifetime. Simply put, this is your chance to tell everyone why you have decided to wed. Writing custom vows will also help you to keep with the tone of your wedding if you have a less formal event planned.

Can My Partner And I Discuss Our Vows With Each Other?

You should keep the words you write to yourselves until the wedding day, but you and your partner should talk about what your expectations for your vows are before your ceremony. When you do so, each of you can gain a sense of how long your vows should be, and what tone might be appropriate. If you are looking for someone who can help with the actual crafting of the words themselves, you should talk to the best man or maid/matron of honor, or seek guidance from your parents. They should know the two of you well enough to recognize what you are trying to say, and how you can effectively say it.

Speak Your Vows Aloud As You Craft Them

Take time to recite your vows out loud during the writing process. Something that sounds great on paper may feel awkward when spoken aloud. Talking out the vows will also make it easier for you to know just how long they are likely to be. Of course, reciting does not end during the writing process – even though you are not expected to memorize your vows, you should practice them so that you sound confident at the altar.

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