Designing Bouquets For The Bridesmaids And Bride

Professional Photo By: Eureka Photography

While weddings typically feature many floral arrangements in their decorations, the bouquets held by the bridesmaids and bride can receive special attention. The bouquets can help complete the look of everyone’s outfits, and they create more opportunities to show off your wedding colors. It can be hard to resist the urge to create something elaborate, but remember that if they are too large or intricate they can be more difficult to carry throughout the night. If you are worried about preserving the bridal bouquet but still want to host the wedding reception toss, you can choose to purchase a special “toss” bouquet for this occasion.

Your Bouquets Should Feature Your Wedding Colors

You have the freedom to create bouquets that are as elaborate or creative as you like. With that said, one thing you should take care to do is pick an assortment of flowers that feature your wedding colors. These colors help unify the overall look of your event, and give you a means of featuring them in the group photos that you take before the reception.

Making Sure Your Bridal Bouquet Stands Apart

The bridal bouquet should stand apart from the ones carried by bridesmaids. You can choose to simply make yours larger, but this is not the only way to make it distinct. One thing you can do is select a different color from your chosen wedding colors for your bouquet, or limit the colors to make something more elegant. This approach can be beneficial if you already intend to have your bridesmaids carry larger bouquets.

Choosing A Bouquet For The Wedding Toss

The bouquet toss can be a fun moment during the reception, but it can be hard on the flowers that you may be hoping to preserve. What can you do to enjoy this moment without worrying that your flowers might be damaged? Many brides choose to purchase a special bouquet just for the toss. That can give you the peace of mind to fully enjoy this moment, and let guests have fun trying to catch the flowers you throw. When meeting with your florist, you can discuss adding this to your overall collection of flowers.

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