Do Bridesmaid Dresses Really Need To Be Identical?

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

In the past, it was assumed that bridesmaid dresses would always be identical. However, many brides have started giving the people in their wedding party more freedom when it comes to the selection of their gowns. What can you do to make sure your bridesmaids match at your wedding if you are not giving them the exact same dress? Selecting one unifying theme, or singling out a specific change that bridesmaids are encouraged to make, can help you make sure gowns look unified without being perfect matches. While you can let your bridesmaids have more freedom in making their selections, be sure to clearly communicate what features need to be present with the dress. To make selections easier, you can find different specific dress options to present to your bridesmaids.

Finding One Dress That Works For Several People Can Be Difficult

Even if you limit the number of bridesmaids in your wedding party, it may be tough to find one dress that everyone will look good wearing. Because of this, brides can opt to vary their look. With that said, mixing up the look for your wedding party is about more than just finding a flattering look for everyone. By offering a variety of looks, you give your bridesmaids more control over the way they look, which they can appreciate.

Creating A Unified Look Without Identical Dresses

While you want to give your bridesmaids a varied look, it is still important to have consistency in the style of your wedding party. This creates a better look at the altar and in photos. By including your wedding colors in the dress style, you also help keep their look consistent with the overall look of your event. Setting a “rule” for the dresses – a specific color, specific designer, and/or specific cut – will help you make sure that everyone has a unified appearance. To make everyone’s purchases easier, you can seek a dress style that appeals to you and let everyone know how they can find suitable options.

Can We Feature Dresses That Vary In Color And Style?

Picking a consistent color or style of dress helps tie everyone together while still giving them some freedom to make their own selection. Can you choose to give your bridesmaids an additional degree of freedom by letting them select their own style and color? Doing so makes it harder for everyone to have a unified look. One thing you can do is give everyone more flexibility in their choices while still tying their looks together with a matching accessory they all wear.

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