Enjoying A Stylish Arrival To Your Wedding Reception

Professional Photo By: Photos By Yaz

Your debut at the wedding ceremony can be a stunning, captivating moment. While this arrival tends to outshine your arrival at your reception, that moment also deserves some consideration. You and your partner will only make your debuts at the second half of the wedding after all of your guests have settled, and after you have had time to take all of your planned group photos. While some people choose to keep this arrival simple, you can create a fun and picture-worthy moment with your arrival by adding music and an announcement from your emcee. You can also mark a smooth transition to the reception by heading straight to the dance floor to enjoy your first dance when you arrive!

The Happy Couple’s Arrival Marks The Official Start Of Your Reception

Your guests will filter into the reception area before you show up. Even with a planned cocktail hour between the ceremony and reception events, everyone should be given time to locate their seats and settle themselves before you and your partner show up to formally start the second half of your wedding. While you may be eager to move quickly from one event to the next so that you have plenty of time to celebrate, take a moment before walking in to settle your nerves, bond with your partner, and prepare for plenty of applause from the room. By taking this moment, you also give your wedding photographer and videographer time to position themselves to capture your official debut as a married couple.

Make A Smooth Transition From Your Arrival To Your First Dance

One thing you might want to do is go straight from your arrival to your first dance! This has a practical benefit of starting the evening’s events quickly, giving you more time to enjoy the rest of your night. It also creates a fun and unexpected transition that your guests enjoy.

Make Sure You Have Time To Take Care Of Everything Between Your Ceremony And Reception

Give yourself enough time to take all of the group photos you want before the reception begins. After this part of the wedding begins, it will be difficult to pull everyone out and take any more photos. This is why couples often host some kind of cocktail hour – even with first look photos taken before the ceremony, you can require more time than you anticipate to have photographs with all of your family members and wedding party members.

Arrive To Your Reception In Style At Your Texas Old Town Wedding!

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