How Can I Make Sure Our Wedding Guests RSVP In Time?

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

While there are many tasks you can – and should – take on early in the wedding process, some matters have to wait until your guests begin to RSVP. Without your expected guest count, you will not know how much alcohol you need at your bar, or how many people you should plan to serve during dinner. Of course, you also need your count to determine the layout of your seating chart. You will find that no matter how clear you are about how and when to RSVP, some guests will not respond to you in the time you request. While this can be frustrating, it is important to stay calm, as the right encouragement can coax out their replies.

Be Prepared For Some Delayed Responses

Whether you have a larger wedding event in mind, or hope to host a smaller gathering, you should expect some of your guests to not reply in a timely manner. There are many reasons this happens. Some guests simply forget to respond, even if they are excited to be on hand for your special day. Others will put off replying because they are not able to attend but feel bad for saying so. It can be hard to avoid some feelings of frustration when this occurs, but it can be dealt with. Because this is a frequent problem for couples, it is a good idea to ask for responses earlier than necessary, as you will have time to track down answers.

Gently Checking In With Guests Who Have Not Replied To Their Invitations

If people miss the initial deadline given to them and you start to grow impatient, give people a few extra days to answer late. If the cutoff date blows by without answers, you can contact people you have not heard from and gently inquire about their intentions. You can follow this initial contact attempt up with an email or text, and give them a few more days to answer you. Make sure you check in on everyone, even those you expect to decline their invitation, as you want to have the clearest idea possible of who will be on hand.

Make Sure You Are Really Ready To Accommodate Everyone You Invite

While you will have some guests decline, and may even have others who never respond to your invitation, make sure your budget can handle a one hundred percent turnout rate. Basing your budget on who you expect to show up can lead to problems, as those who arrive i excess of that number you set will lead to frustrating financial trouble!

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