How Wedding Toasts Fit Into Plans For Your Reception

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

While you and your partner will have many responsibilities when you plan your wedding, the toasts given at the reception will be handled by people close to you. With that said, you will still need to figure out how the toast fits into your evening, and ensure that there is enough time for everyone to speak. While it is important to set time limits on all of your reception traditions – after all, you have a limited time for the celebration – you can appreciate giving people space to speak. After all, these speeches let people you care about share their happiness for you, and what makes your relationship special!

Where Do Toasts Fit Into Your Reception?

For most people, public speaking can be uncomfortable even if they are eager to share their thoughts about your nuptials. With that in mind, you may want to put speeches earlier in the evening. Letting people speak at the start of the event means letting them take care of a possible source of anxiety. This also gives them less time to potentially overthink their toasts. You can kick off your reception letting people speak, or arrange to have people speak at or just after dinner. However, if you prefer, you can wait dancing is underway and drinks are being handed out so that everyone has a glass to raise when people begin to speak.

Who Should Speak During The Toasts?

Traditionally, both fathers, the maid or matron of honor, and the best man will speak at your reception. While you may want to stick with these conventional choices, you are free to add more people to the list of toasts. One thing to remember is that while you can add to your toast list, it can be awkward to leave out people who would typically be included. If you are concerned about the content or tone of someone’s toast, you can gently let them know what kind of evening you are planning so that they can fit their speech to the occasion.

Do We Need To Ask People What They Plan To Say During Their Toast?

While you may wish to have direct involvement with every aspect of your reception, you should give people the space to say what they wish at their toast. However, if you are restricted on time for this part of the wedding, you may want to give people advance notice that people may need to shorten their speeches accordingly. You can also give people an idea of what kind of event you are planning, though the people traditionally asked to speak tend to be close enough to you to know what to expect at your special day.

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