Including Music In Your Plans For Your Wedding Ceremony

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While music can play throughout the night during your reception, it can be included more selectively during your wedding ceremony. Your music selections help you create the right atmosphere for your wedding, and establish the formality of your celebration. The choice of when to include music can help keep your ceremony on track, and serve as cues for the wedding party’s arrival and departure. It is up to you whether you want live musicians to perform during the ceremony, or if you prefer to have pre-set music to play at the appropriate times. While you have considerable freedom when it comes to what you play and when you play it, avoid playing anything when people are speaking during the ceremony. Even soft music can distract from what is being said, which can be frustrating for guests who are trying to listen.

What Role Can Music Play During The Ceremony?

From a practical perspective, music provides an organic and subtle means of keeping your ceremony on schedule. The start of certain pieces can let your groomsmen and bridesmaids know when to start their procession, and the end of a song can let your wedding officiant know that they should begin speaking. You can also rely on your music to help clue guests in on what kind of event you are hosting. If you plan on keeping things casual and fun, non-traditional songs can convey this effectively, while more traditional pieces work for more formal events.

Should We Have A Playlist Ready Or Use Live Musicians For The Ceremony?

While live musicians can add to the elegance and formality of an event, you may be reluctant to take on the expense of including them. Even if they intend to play classical pieces, many couples decide that they are better off with pre-programmed music for their ceremony. With that said, you should make live musicians – either in the form of a live band or a DJ – a priority when planning your reception. Having a person in charge of music can help sustain the atmosphere of your event and make it easier to keep guests on the dance floor.

Unexpected Music Choices Help You Personalize Your Event

Unless you are planning to stick with a traditional wedding event, you can feel free to make unexpected choices with your ceremony playlist. This allows you to sneak in songs that are meaningful to you and your partner, or inject a sense of lightness and fun into a formal experience.

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