Making Space For You And Your Partner In Your Seating Chart

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With your seating chart, you have control over where everyone at your wedding reception will sit. What you may find is that you and your partner are among the most difficult people to find space for as you work out your chart! The happy couple will face a few different options when it comes to making space for themselves. You can set up a sweetheart table, a private space where the two of you sit, or you can work yourselves into one of the tables where other guests are located. You also have the option of setting up a banquet table where the two of you are joined by your wedding party members. The size of your guest list and the space in your reception area can help determine which option is right for you. Because Texas Old Town offers several different venue options, you can find the surroundings that best suit your special day!

Why A Seating Chart Is (Usually) Helpful

In some cases, couples do choose to do without a seating chart. When your guest count is smaller, and meals are served buffet style, you can find it easier to just let people seat themselves. However, if you are delivering plated meals, or if you have a larger turnout, this can lead to some difficulties. The seating chart tends to help start the reception on time because people are not searching for where they want to seat themselves, and it lets servers know where to bring different meals.

Do You And Your Partner Sit With Your Guests, Or Apart From Them?

One big benefit to the sweetheart table is its offering of a little privacy for the happy couple. Even if you plan on holding a casual reception, you will stay busy throughout it, as traditional moments like the first dance and the line of guests who want to congratulate you will keep you occupied. The sweetheart table may not offer much, but that little bit of distance can give you much-needed chances to share a few words with your partner. Sitting with your guests will help you make space, as you will not need to carve out room for a table that only holds two people. You can also appreciate having those closest to you nearby on your special day.

Decorating The Space Where You Sit

Even if you do not choose to set up a sweetheart table, you may wish to set up some special decorations around the space where you and your partner end up sitting. This can make it clear to everyone where the two of you will be, and it can add to the overall look of your event. Be careful about adding a centerpiece or other decoration that is too large, as it may block your view!

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