Reasons To Select A Winter Date For Your Wedding

Professional Photo By: Meg Amorette Photography

While some people have a hard time envisioning a wedding celebration taking place outside the spring or summer, many couples have found winter to be an inviting time to host their special day. For couples who want an outdoor wedding in particular, the season can hold real sway over the look and feel of their event. You can find that the choice to host your wedding in winter inspires different choices regarding the decorations and wedding colors you select as well as your preferences for what food and drink options to provide! In addition to helping you make your wedding stand apart from others, you can find that popular wedding vendors have less demand for their services at this time of year, which can make them easier to hire.

Changing Seasons Can Change The Look Of Your Outdoor Venue

As the seasons turn, you can expect to see changes outdoors, particularly when you are in a a foliage-dense setting like Texas Hill Country! The changing and falling of leaves can offer up more open sky, and change the verdant surroundings in favor of more neutral tones. The chilly look of winter can be ideal for a more formal wedding, as the change in colors can make it easier for you to incorporate muted and elegant colors into your decorations.

The Season Can Inspire Your Wedding Colors

The time of year often influences what wedding colors a couple will select. The date on the calendar can influence what flowers are available for bouquets and other arrangements, and it can also inspire you to see more appeal in certain shades when you think about how they will fit in with your surroundings. One thing to think about is choosing to work against the season and not with it. Some couples will choose to feature lush, tropical tones that make their wedding feel like a toasty or tropical respite from the cold!

Let The Weather Influence Your Food And Drink Choices

Your meal preferences and drink selections can be influenced by the weather outside – while something hearty and heavy can feel like too much in the summer, it can be perfect for winter. A winter wedding lets you change up what you offer when planning your catering. To help fight off the cold, you may want to add warm refreshments to your menu. Welcoming guests with cocoa or coffee can raise people’s spirits and help them stay comfortable during the ceremony!

Host A Beautiful Winter Wedding At Texas Old Town!

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