Should We Fit The Bouquet Toss Into Our Reception Plans?

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While working out your plans for your wedding reception, you may find yourself unsure of whether you really want to include certain moments in the event. While there are many traditions people expect to see honored during your special day, you have control over what you do or do not fit into the course of your celebration. While many couples still enjoy hosting a bouquet toss, or host both the bouquet and garter toss, some choose not to. This does not mean you have to let go of this event – even if your wedding is less traditional, you can find ways to honor moments like this one.

Where The Bouquet Toss Fits Into Your Overall Reception Plans

A bouquet toss will typically occur in the latter portion of the reception, after guests have been served food and dancing has started. People are already up and moving, drinks have been flowing, and a playful activity like the bouquet toss can be good fun. It can also give guests a short break from dancing and help to break apart the evening.

Many Brides Choose To Leave Out The Bouquet Toss – Should You?

Some couples choose to forgo the bouquet toss because they prefer not to single out their single guests, while others may see it as an intrusion on an already fun evening. You may choose to leave it out simply to save a little money by not purchasing a bouquet for tossing. If you want to preserve the experience but avoid putting too much emphasis on unattended guests, you can change up the tradition and have partnered people compete to catch the bouquet and “win” a private turn on the dance floor for themselves.

How Committed Should We Be To Honoring Different Wedding Traditions?

If you look to host a traditional event, holding onto moments like the bouquet toss and others activities can help stay on track with your theme for the evening. Even if you want to keep your affair casual and modern, working in traditions that you personally enjoy is certainly allowed. However, if you want to make your reception feel less like a formal occasion and more like a party, cutting back on moments like the bouquet toss can make it easier to preserve the energy you want for the evening.

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