Things To Think About Before Sending Save-The-Date Cards

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While your wedding invitations have a clear purpose, you may have some questions about why you are expected to send save-the-dates. What makes these cards different from traditional invites, and are they always necessary? The simple answer is that a save-the-date card lets someone know the basic details of your wedding regarding the date and general location. Sending these cards will give people a chance to set aside your chosen date so they do not have conflicting plans, and it gives out of town guests time to plan their travel arrangements. For weddings with shorter engagement periods, there may be no need for this, but they are often recommended for couples with standard or longer engagement periods.

Is It Always A Good Idea To Send Out Save-The-Date Cards?

For couples who plan to have a shorter engagement period, it may not be necessary to send save-the-dates. These cards are helpful if you want to make sure that people have an early opportunity to clear their schedule on the day of your wedding. For those who do not have long engagements, the gap between when save-the-dates and formal invitations go out can be too short to make a meaningful difference. Save-the-date cards are often sent out with six months’ advance notice, though some couples will wait until four months out. If you or many of your guests are traveling for your wedding, extending beyond the six month mark can be a good idea.

What Do Our Cards Need To Include?

Because save-the-date cards are often sent relatively early into the engagement period, there may be information you do not have yet regarding the details of your wedding. Fortunately, these cards only need to offer basic details. Essentially, your guests should know when the wedding is happening and where it is taking place. You can leave out details like RSVP information, attire preferences, and other matters, as they can be covered in the actual invitations.

Make Sure You Only Send Cards To People Who Will Receive An Invitation

While your save-the-date cards are not invitations, they do effectively tell someone that they are invited to your wedding. You should not send these out to someone who is a “maybe” for the actual guest list, or for those you intend to invite as alternates when guests decline to attend your event. This means that you should have your guest list settled before you send these cards.

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