What Your Wedding Colors Convey To Your Guests

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As you think about the look of your wedding ceremony and reception, you will want to find ways to visually tie the spaces where these events are held together. To create a consistent, impressive look, your decorations should be linked by their colors. Wedding colors help convey the tone of your event, they make the evening feel more coordinated, and they can be a reflection of who you are. The right hues can make your wedding feel like a warm, summery gathering, or create a cool, elegant atmosphere. They can tie into the season your wedding takes place, or provide a bold contrast. While the look of your event can be defined by more than just the colors featured, it is hard to overstate the impact that colors will have on how guests perceive your gathering.

Wedding Colors Help Set The Tone Of Your Evening

Color choices can have real effects on the expectations and moods of your guests at your wedding. Your decisions on the colors featured in floral arrangements, table dressings, aisle runners, and other pieces can help you establish a sense of formality, create a setting that feels cozy or intimate, or indicate to everyone that you want your gathering to be a lively one. Because couples tend to showcase their wedding colors in their invitations, you can give people an early notice of what to expect from your special day.

Finding The Right Inspiration For Your Wedding Colors

While there is no single source of inspiration for wedding colors that you have to draw from, there are a few common influences worth acknowledging. The date of your event can help you make your decision. You may want to choose colors that best suit the season, or you may want to base your colors off flowers in bloom that you know you want to feature. Rather than simply lean into the time of year, you do have the option of moving against it – for instance, you can use warm, tropical tones for a winter wedding. You can also think of color as a kind of code for how formal you want your evening to be. If you want guests to treat your celebration like a formal affair, cooler, more muted selections can help. If you plan on hosting a rustic wedding event, you may want to go with warmer or earthier colors.

How Many Colors Should We Feature?

While there is no set number of colors, a limited selection will help make the colors you choose stand out. Many couples will find that one dominant color is all they need to establish their theme. However, you may want to do a few selections to add some variety to the look of your event.

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