Where Will Your Wedding Party Dress For The Ceremony?

Professional Photo By: Weddings By Tony And Elena

The hours that lead to your wedding ceremony are sure to be busy. Even with professional vendors on hand to prepare your ceremony and reception spaces, you need to make sure that everyone in your wedding party is accounted for, dressed, and ready to walk down the aisle before your ceremony begins. If you and your partner plan to take first look photos, you will need even more time to make sure that the two of you are ready and can step away to have pictures taken. Texas Old Town offers many amenities to guests that can make wedding planning less stressful. One thing you should know is that both halves of the wedding party will have access to dressing suites. These suites allow everyone to prepare for the day together, and they give you enough room to work with a stylist or stylists on hair and makeup!

We Offer Suites For Both Halves Of The Wedding Party

With suites for each group in your wedding party, you can make sure that everyone who will stand at the altar with you has space to dress when they arrive. Each suite provides a private restroom, and the bridal suite offers an additional vanity area that can be used for hair and makeup matters. By asking everyone to arrive early and dress on site, you can make sure that people are ready with time to spare once the ceremony is set to begin!

Your Suites Provide Space For Stylists To Work

With the vanity area in the bridal suite, there will be room for the bride and bridesmaids to have hair and makeup services provided at our location. One thing to remember is that unless you have a small number of people in your wedding party, you should take care to designate an order for when people will have their hair and makeup done. If one of your party members opts out of having work done for them, they may need to find a separate area to prepare so that they do not slow down everyone else’s styling work.

Other Amenities That Make Wedding Day Preparations Easier

While we often draw guests who are impressed by our gorgeous Texas Hill Country backdrops, our amenities also make us popular with couples looking to wed. Because you have sixteen hours of venue access at our location, you can have ample time to set up decorations, bring in vendors, and dress for your wedding. Wireless internet is available, and there are sound systems inside and outside for use! If you run into any troubles, our on-site manager is available to assist.

Texas Old Town Can Provide Great Amenities And Lovely Surroundings For Your Celebration!

Texas Old Town has helped many couples enjoy a premiere Austin wedding experience! If you wish to learn more about our setting and amenities, please call our Kyle, TX venue at 12.396.1800 or complete our online contact form!