3 Decorative Choices That Benefit Your Wedding Reception

Professional Photo By: A. Gamble Photo

When you start thinking of ways to decorate the space where you plan to host your wedding reception, remember that small touches can have a big impact on your overall look. By thinking about more than just how you should showcase your wedding colors, and what kind of centerpieces to include, you can work in features that help distinguish your event from other weddings that guests have attended. Texas Old Town makes it easier for couples to create a stunning space by giving them early venue access so they can decorate, and by providing a Preferred Vendors List you can use to find talented people to help execute your decorative vision!

1. Hang Decorations From Your Ceiling

When you begin to look at the space available to you for your reception, make sure you look up! Carefully placed decorations that hang from ceiling rafters can beautify your space while impressing guests. What you hang can add color and light, filling out more of the reception and making it fit your event even if you stick to conservative additions.

2. Be Willing To Diversify Your Decorations

Be prepared to mix things up a little if you want your wedding look to stand out! If you already plan on hosting a rustic wedding, or intend to feature antique pieces, try to find a range of items that you can incorporate into your space. The trouble with too much consistency in your look is that people can start to gloss over everything that you have in place, ultimately undermining your decorative efforts.

3. Add Eye-Catching Decorations To Your Dessert Table

When it comes to the dessert table, couples sometimes feel that their wedding cake will do all the necessary work of impressing guests. You should make smart use of the entire table by adding additional decorations that help it fit with its surroundings. The classic tiered cake is a staple of wedding, so while it can be impressive, it is something guests already expect to see. Additional style touches and splashes of color can help the table stand out to everyone! Another thing you can do to add to this space is include a groom’s cake in your dessert plans, or feature smaller desserts that people can add to their plate at the end of the evening.

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