3 Things To Do If You Want To Keep Your Dance Floor Packed

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While no one event or moment makes a wedding reception memorable, a lively dance floor can be important if you want people to have fun at your gathering. Even couples who want to keep their celebration formal can have a hard time overlooking the benefits of a busy dance floor. With that said, you may be unsure of what it typically takes to make sure people flock to the floor and show off their moves during the night. Several elements should be in place if you want to keep everyone on their feet and moving. One thing you should do is make sure you have plenty of space for your revelers. Because Texas Old Town has multiple venue options, you can select one that is ready to accommodate everyone you invite and still give everyone the space they need to dance!

1. Make Sure You Have More Than Enough Room For Your Dance Floor

It will be difficult to keep your dance floor packed if you lack the space for everyone to gather and enjoy themselves. With our different venue choices, you can find a space that is ready to accommodate all of the people you expect to turn out. Choosing a space that is large enough for a larger turnout will be important. With that said, you also want to avoid leaving too much open space, as that can make people feel self-conscious about hopping onto the dance floor. If you plan to host a more intimate gathering, you should focus on finding a more confined space that gives people freedom to move without feeling open or bare.

2. Hire A Live Band Or DJ To Play Music For Your Reception

You may like the idea of saving money, but be careful not to hurt your event by trying to chase too many savings. Many of us have access to music streaming on our phones, and that makes it easier to provide a personalized playlist for your own wedding. While this sounds convenient, there are several things that you cannot do with your phone. You will not be able to change the mood of the party by switching up your playlist, and you will not be able to incorporate requests easily. A DJ or live band can keep your night alive by responding to the mood in the room and listening to what your guests want!

3. Make The Most Of Your First Dance

One way to encourage guests to hit your dance floor is to make great use of it at the start of your night. Your first dance does not have to be elaborate or flashy, but a few fancy moves can make your dance floor look all the more enticing once it is open to everyone.

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