3 Things You Can Do To End Your Wedding In Style

Professional Photo By: Laura Watson Photography

You may wish that your wedding would never end, but eventually the night will have to come to a close. As you work out the details of your reception, one thing to consider is how you should arrange the end of your celebration. Your exit with your partner will be one of the most picturesque moments of your entire night, but this is just one of many actions that occur as your wedding is winding down. With some smart planning, you can make sure your reception ends with everyone in good spirits, and that it provides you with several opportunities to do something stylish and memorable. Planning for the night’s close is about more than just the celebration itself – you should have plans in place for people to help break down the reception area and gather your belongings for you.

1. Serve Coffee With Dessert Near The End Of The Evening

While your bar service will stop near the end of your night, you can serve refreshments in the form of coffee to pair with your desserts. Coffee and cake can be a welcome pairing, and it can help raise the energy levels of guests who are tiring near the end of your reception. Bringing this beverage out when you start serving dessert gives people time to enjoy the refreshment, and it gives you and your partner the opportunity to enjoy some before you depart!

2. Give Your Guests Something Colorful To Wave During Your Exit

While throwing items is considered traditional, you can instead choose to have guests wave something colorful, like glow sticks, as you walk out. In addition to making the end of the night less messy, you can enjoy the way they light up the night when you walk out! No matter what you intend to do for your exit, have a plan for announcing it. Your DJ or bandleader can take care of this for you by calling all of your guests together when the time comes for you to walk out.

3. Arrange A Special Ride Service To Take You And Your Partner Away

While some couples may choose to leave in their own vehicles, many prefer to be driven off in style. You can arrange a ride service with a limousine or luxury car at the end of your wedding. This creates a fun moment that can impress your guests, and it gives you a way to extend your festivities by making the drive to your home or hotel more stylish.

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