Asking A Friend Or Family Member To Officiate Your Wedding

Professional Photo By: Jarrah Marie Photography

It is still common for couples to hire professional officiants, or ask someone connected to the religious services they attend. However, many are choosing people they have personal connections with to serve in this role. While several roles in your wedding can be occupied by people you know, the officiant has one of the most prominent tasks, one that involves a degree of comfort with public speaking. Because of this, you should see the position as more than just a way of honoring someone that you and your partner feel close to. They should be prepared to stand before everyone in attendance at your ceremony and speak confidently, and they should also be able to match the tone and mood of your event when they perform this role.

Finding The Right Person To Officiate Your Wedding

When couples ask someone they know on a personal level to be their officiant, that person is often someone who is close to both of them. However, this is not something that you have to follow. If the right person is someone who is closer to one of you, there is nothing wrong with asking them. What is important is finding someone who is comfortable with their role. You can work with them to make sure they are comfortable speaking about both of you in advance of the event.

Take Time To Talk With Your Officiant About Your Relationship And The Wedding

No matter how close you both are to your officiant, and how involved they have been with your wedding planning, you should carve out time just to talk about their role, and what they intend to say during the ceremony. This can be particularly helpful when your officiant is closer to one of you than the other. While you should not feel that you have to dictate what they should say, you can give your officiant a clear idea of what approach they should take to ensure that their words match the tone of the event.

Should You Tell Your Officiant What To Wear At The Wedding?

While you do not have to specify what outfit an officiant wears, you should give them a clear idea of what attire might be appropriate. At the least, you can let them know what the preferred attire for your guests will be. You can also let them know what your wedding colors are, allowing them to select something that is a good match.

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