Deciding On The Layout Of Your Reception Space

Professional Photo By: April Mae Creative

When you think about the look of your wedding reception, you will need to consider more than just your theme and the decorations. These are obviously important considerations, but you also need to determine the layout of the space available to you. Texas Old Town can help you find ample room for the celebration you want to enjoy. We actually have multiple venue options for you to choose from, so you can select the one that has the right feel and the right square footage! We also provide amenities in these spaces that your vendors can take advantage of to better serve everyone in attendance.

Make Sure Guests Have The Space They Need To Move Freely

A cramped space will make it harder for people to mingle, make their way to the dance floor, or visit the bar. One reason couples wind up with less space than they need is because they try to anticipate how many of their invitees will actually be there on the wedding day. If you decide to select a space that seems small, a higher-than-expected turnout can make your night difficult. Select a venue size that is prepared to hold everyone you invite, not just the percentage of people you assume you will see there. With that said, be careful not to select something too large, as it can make the reception feel empty.

Creating Space For A Dance Floor

As you work out your seating arrangements and create stations for gifts and the wedding cake, think about where your dance floor will be. A spacious dance floor can be vital if you want your guests to relax and have fun during the reception. Create plenty of room between it and your tables, and make sure you also have a clear path to reach it. That way, people can step on and off all night and enjoy themselves!

Setting Up Space For Gifts, Desserts, And More

Some of the tables you lay out at your wedding will not be for your guests. One table to set up is a designated space for cards and presents that guests bring. While it should feature some decorations, you want to give people as much room as possible to leave packages. You can put it closer to the entrance so that guests do not have to walk around with the box, unsure of where to place it. Your dessert table can also be decorated to fit with the theme of the event, but remember that you already have a great centerpiece in the form of the wedding cake itself!

Host An Amazing Wedding Reception With Texas Old Town!

Texas Old Town provides multiple venue options to couples who are ready to enjoy a premiere Austin wedding celebration. If you want to learn more about these spaces, please fill out our online contact form or call our Kyle, TX venue today at 512.396.1800!