How Long Should Our Engagement Period Be?

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Are you someone who prefers more time to plan events, or are you someone who wants to celebrate as soon as possible? Determining the right length for your engagement period can be unexpectedly tough. While many people choose to wed roughly a year after becoming engaged, others will find that a different length of time better suits them. For those who want to host a smaller, more relaxed wedding event, a short engagement period can be all that is needed. For those who have elaborate plans, or worry they will not have time to arrange everything they want, a longer engagement is certainly acceptable. Making plans with your venue will help you find the right length for your engagement, as you can learn about the planning support available to you and secure a date that works best for your celebration.

Your Wedding Vision Can Help Determine The Right Engagement Period

Even if you do not know the specifics you want for your event, you can have more than a few ideas about what you want from your wedding. If you are looking to keep everything casual, and you want to maintain a shorter guest list, you may not need a year to plan everything. However, if you expect a larger turnout, or if you want to make more elaborate plans, it may be difficult to realize your vision without plenty of time to work with. Discussing your wedding vision with your venue can help you, as you can receive feedback on what an appropriate timeline might look like for you.

Do You Have A Specific Date You Want For Your Wedding?

Couples may prefer to wed during a particular season, or they can even have a specific date in mind for their celebration. If this is the case for you, you can work your engagement period around your preference. If you want to host a larger wedding, but you also want a date that is just six months away, a longer engagement period makes sense even if you do not expect you will need that much time to plan. If you suspect that there might be higher demand for your preferred dates, make sure to secure your venue quickly, even if you plan a longer engagement.

Tips For Making The Most Of Your Engagement Period

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