Keep These Things In Mind When Planning Your Reception

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As you work out the details of your wedding, you can find that planning the reception takes a considerable amount of your time and energy. While this can be a fun-filled evening, a successfully executed reception event can take some effort on your part. It can also call for some smart choices. Regardless of how large or small your wedding is, or how formal or informal it might be, the reception can call for careful planning and budgeting. After all, yours can include the offering of dinner and drinks, entertainment for the evening, and several event traditions. Texas Old Town can make celebrating easier by offering generous amenities, and by providing different venue options that allow you to find a space that best accommodates you and your guests.

Your Party Will Benefit From The Presence Of A DJ Or Live Band

Couples who want to save money sometimes choose to cut the DJ or live band from their reception plans. While technology makes it relatively easy for you to create a playlist that runs for the course of the night, this option has several shortcomings. You will not be able to adjust your song choices easily if you take this approach. A person in charge of music can sense when a crowd’ energy is flagging and adjust their song choices to offset this. Live performers can also step in and act as emcees when you need to make announcements regarding the serving of food or the start of different traditions.

An Event Coordinator Can Help You Make Time For Traditional Reception Events

In the course of a reception, you can serve dinner, host a series of wedding toasts, open up a dance floor, and honor traditions like the bouquet and garter toss. Fitting these different activities into your evening may be harder than you expect. In order to stay on top of your event and ensure you have enough time for everything, consider hiring an event coordinator. This person can keep your night on track, let you know when you need to start a new event, and help draw the attention of guests for announcements and activities.

Make Sure Your Beverage Options Include Enough Champagne For The Wedding Toasts

If you plan to host an open bar at your wedding, you will need to make some smart choices regarding what to serve. Make sure that your plans for alcohol purchases include bottles of champagne for your wedding toast. Leaving these out, or forgetting to add extra bottles just for this event, can leave people empty-handed when the speeches begin!

You Can Host An Impressive And Exciting Reception At Texas Old Town!

Texas Old Town provides great amenities and ample venue space for couples ready to celebrate their wedding with us! These are offered in addition to the access we give to beautiful Texas Hill Country landscapes that serve beautifully for wedding ceremonies. To learn more about our Kyle, TX venue, please call us at 512.396.1800 or complete our online contact form!