Serving Up Dessert During Your Wedding Reception

Professional Photo By: Weddings By Tony And Elena

While couples have a range of vendors, meal plans, and even serving options to choose from for their wedding reception meal, people often assume that the classic wedding cake is the only real dessert option. While it is hard to do without the traditional tiered wedding cake, you can do more with what you serve, and how you serve it, than you realize! You can add to your dessert table by providing a groom’s cake, or by offering an array of smaller desserts for guests to sample. In addition to changing up your dessert offerings, you can put your own spin on the cake cutting by making the moment playful and silly, or going for a more traditional and refined experience.

Make The Most Of Your Cake Cutting Ceremony

Should you take the cake cutting seriously, or have fun with this moment? You are free to have fun with this moment, which tends to be among the most lighthearted activities during your wedding reception. While more restraint can be appropriate at a formal wedding, you can smile for your guests, tease out the first bite, or find some other way to inject a little more levity into this exchange. No matter how you approach the cake cutting, take care not to rush the moment! In addition to being a lovely moment for your guests to witness, the cutting and serving of your first slice will be a great photo opportunity, one that can yield many images you may want to save.

Should We Make Plans To Serve Alternatives To Cake?

A groom’s cake makes it possible for you to hand out more than one flavor option to your guests. The groom’s cake tends to be smaller, and it is often made to reflect the groom’s interests or personality. With that said, you are free to put your own spin on the practice of offering a second cake if the traditional groom’s cake arrangement does not work for you. It is also perfectly acceptable to provide more than just cake when it is time for dessert. Many couples will put out a spread of different dessert treats that guests can add to their plate when they pick up their cake slices.

Using Sheet Cake To Save On Dessert Costs

Couples typically put out a tiered cake during the reception, but you can save on your dessert menu by paying for a smaller cake and making up the difference in slices with sheet cake! You can have the sheets stay out of sight, then have someone cut and serve pieces once your cutting has taken place. This is also an accessible way to add in more than one type of cake to your dessert table.

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