Taking Photos As A Couple Before And During Your Wedding

Professional Photo By: A. Gamble Photo

While you will take many photographs on your wedding day, some of the images connected to your celebration will be taken well before the day itself. Couples will typically pose for proposal or engagement photos early in their engagement period. Texas Old Town can give you a lovely space to take these pictures, as our venue spaces are available during the week (with reservations). Taking your pictures with us gives you more than just a beautiful Texas Hill Country backdrop to pose against. You can use your time to see our venue spaces for yourself, and start picturing how your ideal wedding would look in our surroundings. We can also bring you back to have your bridal portraits taken! On the wedding day itself, you can return to spots you previously used to take group photos, or look for new surroundings to give your pictures variety!

Scheduling Time For Proposal And Engagement Photos

The photos you take to celebrate your proposal and engagement offer you more than just images to cherish and commemorate this milestone. They can also be great additions to your wedding invitations, and they can be featured in your wedding website to give more people the opportunity to see them. By scheduling time for these photos at our location, you can enjoy access to stunning Texas Hill Country landscapes that add a natural beauty to your images. By having the pictures taken at the same place you intend to hold your wedding, you can also create a fun consistency between these pictures and the ones taken on your actual wedding day.

You Can Find Great Backdrops At Our Venue For First Look Photos

First look photos are not for every couple, but many will choose to take them. By doing so, you enjoy more time for other group photos taken before the reception, and you can capture the looks on your faces when you see each other for the first time on your wedding day. Because we offer spacious changing areas for both the bridal party and groom’s party, along with sixteen hours of venue access, you will have plenty of time to dress, meet, and pose for these photos before the ceremony is supposed to start.

We Also Welcome Brides Who Want To Take Bridal Portraits With Us!

Not all of your pictures will be together! Bridal portraits give the bride a lovely set of images capturing their appearance in their wedding gown. Like with your engagement and wedding photos, you can have these pictures taken at our venue and make the most of our natural settings!

Texas Old Town Provides Great Scenery For Couple Photos!

While Texas Old Town offers much more than just lovely surroundings, we know that our Texas Hill Country backdrops are enticing. You can make use of them before the wedding day itself by posing for your engagement and proposal photos, then enjoy your surroundings again while taking portraits together on the day itself. To learn more, call our Kyle, TX venue at 512.396.1800 or complete our online contact form!