Tips For Finding And Displaying Your Wedding Cake

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Near the end of your wedding celebration, you, your partner, and your guests will be treated to something sweet. The wedding cake is an iconic dessert, one that can catch the eye of guests when they arrive for the start of your reception. Because the cake serves both as dessert and decoration, finding the right one will be important. As you start your search, you can learn that there are more options available to you than you realize, particularly if you hope to save money without sacrificing the classic look of a tiered cake. Once you have your dessert and know what it will look like at the dessert table, you can work out how to decorate that table to make sure that it stands out and looks great when surrounded by the rest of your decorations.

Take Care When Selecting The Cake You Want For Your Wedding

It can be fun to taste desserts and look through the offerings of different cake shops, but you should be careful not to rush into this choice. Make sure you know what the overall look and theme of your wedding will be first, as you will want to base the look of your cake around these choices. Committing to a formal wedding after choosing a relatively simple cake can make your dessert table underwhelming. While you generally want to stick to your wedding colors when possible, be careful not to add colors that look less appetizing on a dessert. Once you have the information to make a smart choice about your cake, start looking at the different dessert offerings available to you. If you want to save space or money, you can select a shorter tiered cake and have sheet cake out of sight that you can use to make sure all of your guests are served!

The Cake Can Serve As Decoration AND Dessert!

Even if you cannot have your cake and eat it, too, you can put your wedding cake out to impress and entice guests during the reception. Few items are as closely connected with weddings as the white, tiered cake. To make the most of its presence, think about how you can arrange your decorations at the dessert table around it as your centerpiece.

Should We Offer More Dessert Options?

Many couples choose to do things like include a groom’s cake, add smaller desserts to sample, or include coffee with cake at the end of the night. By doing so, you can give guests more options for what they want to eat, which can make you less concerned about finding a flavor that “everyone” will love. By serving coffee, you can also give guests an energy boost before they drive home.

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