Tips To Help You Make The Most Of Your Wedding Rehearsal

Professional Photo By: Harper Blankenship

Typically, the night before the wedding is reserved for both the wedding rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. At the rehearsal dinner, you have one last opportunity to spend time with your partner before they become your spouse, and you can informally celebrate with close friends and family members before your actual wedding celebration. Before you do this, you should take the time to make the most of your rehearsal. By doing so, you can calm nerves and verify that your procession will run smoothly. Even if the ceremony seems straightforward, it can help to run through it several times, as it can make everyone more confident when it is time for the event to begin!

Make Sure Everyone Attends

Everyone who has a role in the ceremony should be at the wedding rehearsal. Missing wedding party members can throw off the procession line, and makes it necessary to walk people through their role in the event on the day itself. Because the rehearsal tends to occur the evening before the actual wedding, even those who are attending from out of town are expected to be present. Remember that the ceremony involves more than just the happy couple and their bridesmaids and groomsmen – your officiant should also be on hand, and so should your ring bearer and flower girl.

Be Prepared To Run Through The Procession Several Times

A successful first run through the procession can be rewarding, but no matter how easy it feels initially, practice a few times. Doing so will help familiarize everyone with their steps and order in the lineup. As you do this, try to practice with the music cues you will have on the day itself, as this will help everything feel more like the event itself. Because Texas Old Town welcomes couples to host their rehearsal dinners with us, you can take more time for practicing, as you will not have to travel from one location to another for your celebration!

Take Time To Work Closely With The Ring Bearer And Flower Girl

The ring bearer and flower girl roles are not necessary, and couples who decide to only have adults at their wedding tend to do without them. With that said, they can be a fun and charming addition to the procession. If these roles are filled for your celebration, be prepared to work more with them than the adult participants. Younger children can require more direct attention, and kids can also feel more nervous about their roles in your wedding.

Enjoy A Fantastic Wedding Day Experience At Texas Old Town!

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