Wedding Day Style Suggestions For Grooms

Professional Photo By: Laura Watson Photography

People have traditionally expected grooms to wear tuxedos on their wedding day. However, you may have already been to several weddings with grooms who choose to have a more casual or modern look. Should you stick with something classic, or are you interested in making a different style choice? The first thing you should do is think about how your attire will fit in with the wedding you plan to host. If you expect your event to be more traditional or formal, make sure your clothing choices reflect that. For a more casual or modern gathering, you can find that a more laid-back choice is appropriate. Keep in mind that an outdoor ceremony can make comfort a factor and look at attire that will feel comfortable during the season of your wedding.

A Tuxedo Is Not Always Necessary For The Wedding

Do you really need to wear a tuxedo at your wedding? This is a choice that many people still like to make, but it is not right for every occasion. If your event is going to have a rustic or casual look, and if you encourage guests to be more casual in dress, you may feel more appropriate with a more laid-back look of your own. If you want to don a tuxedo but still want to have a modern look, you can broaden your search by exploring suit styles and colors that feel more like you.

Think About What You Are Asking Guests To Wear

The happy couple should be the best-dressed at their wedding, but they do not have to feel completely apart from their guests! Couples frequently include some indication of how their guests should dress in their wedding invitations. Think about what you are asking other people to wear. If black tie is encouraged, that should be a standard that you meet or exceed. Couples who encourage guests to dress casually can opt for something less formal for themselves.

Look To The Season For Inspiration

When you think about the season when your wedding takes place, you can have an easier time thinking about what will or will not work for wedding attire. The expected weather is just one potential influencer. You should also think about what wedding colors the season is likely to inspire for you, and what clothing options and colors will look right for the time of year. For a winter wedding, a traditional tuxedo can be just what you want, but you may want to use lighter, sunnier color choices for a spring or summer gathering.

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