What Responsibilities Should You Give Your Bridesmaids?

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Bridesmaids are typically the people who are closest to the bride. The group can be a mix of close friends and family members who may or may not already be close to each other, too. While it can be easy for you to name your bridesmaids, it may be hard for you to know exactly what roles you can ask them to play in your wedding. How much help can you reasonably ask for, and what kind of responsibilities should you take care of for them? Generally speaking, bridesmaids are expected to help with and attend pre-wedding events, and they can sometimes be asked to take care of tasks on the wedding day. If you have additional needs, you can talk with your bridesmaids to see what they can or cannot do to help you.

Bridesmaids Are Expected To Help With Pre-Wedding Events

While they are not the only ones who are involved in pre-wedding events, couples do expect that bridesmaids will play meaningful roles in setting up certain pre-wedding events. Typically, the maid or matron of honor will take the lead in planning, and they may receive support from family members. Even if they have less to do with preparations for events, bridesmaids are expected to attend activities like the bridal shower and the bachelorette party. Of course, they and all of your other wedding party members should be on hand for your wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

Bridesmaids Typically Pay For Their Dresses And Their Hair And Makeup Service

While you are allowed to select their dress, or at least the guidelines of what they wear, your bridesmaids should expect to pay the costs for the dress and any fittings themselves. If you want to handle these costs as a token of your appreciation, you are free to do so, but this is not a standard practice. The bride and bridesmaids tend to receive style support on the wedding day from hair and makeup artists. Because the bridesmaids are typically asked to pay for the stylists hired by the bride, this kind of care is something they are allowed to opt out of.

Your Bridesmaids Can Pick Up Small Tasks That Make Your Wedding Day Less Stressful

How much help will you need in the hours before your wedding day? That will depend on who you have hired, how large your turnout will be, and how elaborate your plans are. Bridesmaids can assist with some tasks while they are free, but typically they focus more on preparing themselves while the groomsmen pitch in with wedding day tasks. One thing you can have your bridesmaids do for you is watch your phone. Setting it aside can help you avoid stressful interactions, but you can have them alert you if someone’s call or text really needs to be answered by you.

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