What You Can Do To Make Dressing For Your Wedding Easier

Professional Photo By: Ladybird Studios

The hours that lead to the start of your wedding ceremony will be busy for everyone involved in your event. While there may be plenty of tasks to handle, like decorating, bringing beverages in for the bar, and confirming that important items like the wedding cake have arrived, you will likely be preoccupied with your own preparations. It may be difficult to stay focused on dressing, but the task of readying everyone in your wedding party can be more time-consuming than you anticipate. Texas Old Town can actually make this process considerably easier by giving both the bridal party and groom’s party access to their own dressing suites. This is one of many standard amenities we provide to guests in order to make their wedding day experience easier and more enjoyable!

You And Your Wedding Party Members Can Dress At The Venue

Between your dressing areas and the sixteen hours of venue access you are given, you can find it easy to bring everyone together on site to prepare for your ceremony. Because two suites are available, you, your partner, and both groups in your wedding party will have the room they need to dress. The bridal suite is set up to give people space to prepare their hair and makeup, so these services can be arranged within this space.

Set Up A Schedule For Hair And Makeup Services

Because you can set up hair and makeup services in your dressing room, the process of preparing the bridal party for the ceremony can be easier to arrange. With that said, you should still take care to create a schedule that everyone should stick to in order to keep the operation smooth. In addition to determining what order the bridesmaids should have their services done in, you should make sure they all know what their spot is and who is before them. Remember that because this service cost is typically covered by the bridesmaids themselves, some may opt out of having someone take care of their makeup and hair for them.

Give Control Of Your Phone To Someone You Trust

Handing your phone over to someone else will make it easier for you to focus. It will also make the process of dressing for the wedding less stressful, as you will not have to respond to questions from guests, or any other distracting calls or texts. If you have an event coordinator at your event, they can hold your phone and also determine when a call or text is something that you should address.

Texas Old Town Makes Wedding Preparations Easier!

Because Texas Old Town provides generous amenities to guests in addition to offering great indoor and outdoor venue spaces, we are able to help couples enjoy a premiere Austin wedding experience! To find out more about us, please complete our online contact form or call our Kyle, TX venue at 512.396.1800!