Where Should We Seat The Wedding Party For Our Reception?

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Creating a seating chart can take time, and may lead to some frustration. For a larger wedding in particular, it is difficult to place everyone in a way that would appear to make everyone happy. That being said, your chart will help you start your reception on time, and it makes the distribution of plated meals easier for your catering service. As you work out your chart, the placement of some guests at your wedding reception can be trickier than others. One issue couples often encounter is that of placing their wedding party members. Should you keep everyone together, or split them up? If they are kept together, should you and your partner join them? These answers can depend on your wedding size, and on the number of people in your bridal and groom’s party.

Should We Keep The Wedding Party Together?

It may be difficult to keep all of your wedding party members in one space. Even if they are not a larger group, you will have to account for their partners attending the event. You can also run into some questions of where people belong, as siblings in the wedding party may be a better fit for your family table. Ultimately, you should consider the makeup of your party. If you have a small group that you want to keep at one table, you can certainly do this. You can also keep party members close, but include them in family tables (when appropriate) and among people they know personally outside the party.

Seating The Best Man And Maid Or Matron Of Honor

If you want your best man and maid or matron of honor to sit with you, they should be placed at either side of you. Traditionally, the best man would be at the bride’s left while your maid/matron of honor is placed to the right of the groom. If your table sizes are smaller, you can simply put them at a table with their partners and the two of you. For couples who want a sweetheart table that keeps them apart, you can include these individuals with family or at another prominent table.

Placing Your Wedding Party If You Pass On A Seating Chart

If you decide to skip on the seating chart, you may want to reserve a table or two for wedding party members and immediate family. This way, they still remain close to you and your partner while removing the need to dictate seats for everyone. Make sure you let everyone with a seat being saved know that these spaces have been reserved for them, and specify if multiple tables are meant for different people.

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