Who Should Serve As Your Ring Bearer And Flower Girl?

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Including a ring bearer and flower girl in your wedding ceremony provides more than just a nod to tradition. By filling these roles, you create opportunities for smaller family members (or family of close friends) to take part in your wedding. You also add a sweet moment to your event. While the choice to have a ring bearer and flower girl may not be right for every couple, it can be ideal for a traditional gathering, and appropriate if you intend to have guests bring their kids to your event. Couples often rely on the children of family members, or their own kids, to serve in these roles. The children of wedding party members can be a convenient choice, as their parents already plan to be present for the wedding rehearsal. If you intend to have an adults-only celebration, you may want to have adults fill these positions to maintain a classic procession.

Including A Ring Bearer And Flower Girl In Your Ceremony

The ring bearer and flower girl have small roles to play in a wedding. Many people actually prefer that the ring bearer not hold the rings themselves, but stand-ins, as it can be hard to trust a child with such important items even for a short time. While their roles may seem simple to adults, smaller children can have a difficult time following orders. It is uncommon for kids under the age of four to serve in these roles, as they can be hard to direct.

You Can Make Nontraditional Choices To Fill These Roles

There is no reason to feel obligated to stick to having one ring bearer and one flower girl for your wedding. If you have twins in the family, or siblings close in age, you can have them walk down the aisle as a group. In this arrangement, the eldest child can help to keep younger children on track. You can also have adults fill these roles. For adults-only weddings, this can be an opportunity to include someone you are close to in the ceremony who is not in the actual wedding party.

Make Sure Your Ring Bearer And Flower Girl Rehearse Before The Wedding

It is important that everyone in your wedding procession be present during the wedding rehearsal. Everyone should have a chance to walk through the procession in order to feel comfortable when they do it during the ceremony. It is particularly important for children serving in your wedding to have these rehearsals. When they are present, they can be coached carefully so that they feel prepared to serve in their roles when there is an audience to watch them.

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