Month: November 2020

Selecting The Right Season For Your Wedding

The wedding date you choose can influence the look and feel of your event in important ways, particularly when you plan to host your ceremony outdoors. The season will affect more than just the weather – it can also affect what colors people respond favorably to, what foods and drinks make the most sense for… Read more »

Traditional Reception Activities Guests Look Forward To

Your guests can be thrilled by your plans to wed, and honored that you and your partner have invited them to be present at your ceremony. With that said, weddings are about more than just the moment a couple formally declares their plan to share the rest of their lives. Your wedding reception will serve… Read more »

Fun Alternatives To Traditional Wedding Gift Requests

The traditional wedding registry can include items that make sense for many, but not all, couples who are ready to walk down the aisle. If you do find yourself less than enthused to receive gifts that “make sense” for a registry, you can still feel pressure from friends and family members who want to provide… Read more »

How Much Time Will It Take To Plan Our Wedding?

The wedding planning experience can vary greatly for different couples. While some couples have a clear vision for their wedding before they become engaged, others will need to take time in order to figure out what kind of celebration they want. The planning process can also be affected by their planned guest count, the desired… Read more »

Using The Hours Before Your Wedding Ceremony Wisely

Through smart planning and the support of the right wedding vendors, you can minimize stress in the months leading to your wedding. However, you should still prepare for some eventful hours during the wedding day itself. After all, you need to make sure that all of your decorations are in place, that you have your… Read more »

Questions You Might Have About Your Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are obviously important – they formally welcome guests to your event while providing them with all necessary event details. After finalizing your guest list and event details, you can feel prepared to send cards out to everyone you want in attendance. However, you may feel unsure of exactly what to do with the… Read more »

Avoid These Mistakes When Making Your Seating Chart

While you and your partner may feel close to everyone at your wedding, it may be difficult for you to imagine how all of them should be gathered together at your wedding reception. This is one reason that the creation of a seating chart can be difficult for many couples. In addition to having a… Read more »

Finding Wedding Roles For Friends And Family Members

No matter how modest or ambitious your wedding plans are, you will likely need support from a number of talented wedding vendors. While the roles they serve are important, there are some roles that are important enough to be reserved for people who are already a part of your life. Your wedding party members can… Read more »

Creating A Unified Look For The Bride And Groom

The traditional wedding gown for the bride and tuxedo for the groom offers a timeless look. However, as you start to plan your wedding, you can question how right these attire choices will be for the celebration you want. If you decide to make non-traditional choices with what you wear, you may feel less confident… Read more »

Working Your Wedding Colors Into Your Outdoor Ceremony

Once you select the colors you want in your wedding decorations, you can create a consistent look for your event and make your event’s theme clear. As you work out what you want to do with your ceremony and reception spaces, you can run into questions on how you can make the most of an… Read more »