Avoid These Mistakes When Making Your Seating Chart

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While you and your partner may feel close to everyone at your wedding, it may be difficult for you to imagine how all of them should be gathered together at your wedding reception. This is one reason that the creation of a seating chart can be difficult for many couples. In addition to having a hard time knowing how to arrange most of your guests, you can find yourself unsure of where to place your wedding party, close family members, and yourselves! While there is not a single “right” way to arrange people for the reception, avoiding common mistakes and misconceptions can make the process of placing everyone less stressful. One thing you can appreciate is that your ability to choose your desired venue space at Texas Old Town can ensure you have a reception area with plenty of room for everyone!

Finding Places For Family And Wedding Party Members

What kind of seating arrangements should you make for the people in your wedding party and your close family members? Couples sometimes choose to sit themselves with one group or the other. If you have banquet seating, at least for your table, it is common for the best man and maid or matron of honor to be at the sides of the happy couple. However, you may choose to keep yourselves apart from everyone at a sweetheart table. If either (or both) of these groups are not seated with you, they tend to have favorable seating near the couple being wed.

What Do We Do With Single Guests?

The seating chart is often arranged later in the engagement period, as you need to wait for guests to RSVP and (if applicable) let you know if they intend to bring someone with them. Single guests can be trickier to place because they will depend more on their tablemates for conversation than those with dates or partners. It is also important to make sure that all of your tables are full when you work out your chart – leaving one empty chair next to a single guest can certainly be awkward! Be prepared to adjust your arranged seats after you place everyone. While you should not feel like you have to place single guests with people they might connect with romantically, you should think about who they might enjoy conversing with during the evening.

Choosing A Place For You And Your Partner

You can place yourselves at the head of a banquet table, join your family at a table, or set yourselves aside at a sweetheart table. The banquet and sweetheart tables help make the two of you the center of attention at dinner, while the family table lets you be with the people you are closest to. Ultimately, you will want to consider how accessible you want to be during the evening, and how visible, when you place yourselves.

Gather Your Friends And Family Together For A Beautiful Texas Old Town Wedding!

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