Fun Alternatives To Traditional Wedding Gift Requests

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The traditional wedding registry can include items that make sense for many, but not all, couples who are ready to walk down the aisle. If you do find yourself less than enthused to receive gifts that “make sense” for a registry, you can still feel pressure from friends and family members who want to provide you with something. The right registry for you may look less conventional to some guests, but it will afford them opportunities to give gifts that have real meaning and value to you. Even if you want to host a more traditional wedding experience, a less traditional registry is something that you can use to make your wedding feel more personal and appropriate to you.

Ask For Support For Your Honeymoon

Couples who already live together, or already have the appliances and other items that they would expect to receive on a registry, can have less to gain from traditional wedding gifts. What you can instead ask for is support to help with your honeymoon! This kind of registry will help you secure help with the costs of traveling, but it can also include requests for items that might make enjoying yourself easier and more fun. For instance, if you plan a honeymoon that focuses on outdoor activities, your guests can give you items that you can use when you are on adventures together.

Select A Charity Or Charities People Can Donate To On Your Behalf

You may have little that you need from guests, but that does not mean people will feel uninterested in giving something to show how happy they are for you. By picking a charity where people can direct donations on your behalf, you keep the opportunity to give open without taking items that you do not feel you need. Directing support to an organization or cause that is important to you is still meaningful, and it lets you share a little more about your values during the event.

Create A Registry That Supports Small Businesses And Artists

As you build a registry, you can take care to request gifts and support provided through small businesses and artists you want to support. This kind of registry helps you pick up unique items, and it moves more money into people and organizations who benefit more from patronage related to your wedding. The items on your registry can range from art from local artists, furniture made by craftspeople, or even gift cards at local restaurants you and your partner enjoy supporting.

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