How Involved Should Your Parents Be In Wedding Planning?

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A wedding celebrates more than just the union of you and your partner. By tying the knot, you also bring your respective families together! Because weddings are often focused on family, your relatives, particularly your parents, can take active roles in helping make your celebration happen. Unfortunately, the input your parents want to give may not match your idea of your ideal wedding. How much influence should the parents of the happy couple really have on a wedding ceremony and reception? What happens when you and your parents disagree on the details of your event? Conflicts can happen, and they can be frustrating, but setting terms and discussing ideas early in your engagement period can make matters easier in the months leading up to your wedding.

Parents Often Offer Important Support During Wedding Planning

While couples can follow tradition and have the bride’s parents cover the wedding costs, many will take on most or even all of the expenses for their wedding, or receive help from both sets of parents. If you have financial support from your parents, it can be more difficult to disregard certain requests about your wedding guest list, the look of your event, and other matters. With that said, it can still be difficult to address these concerns even if you and your partner are paying everything on your own. Even though these conflicts can be frustrating, you can find that your parents offer support through their advice, event ideas, and their ability to listen if you need to vent some planning stress.

Settling Disagreements Over Wedding Details

Because parents and couples sometimes have different visions for a wedding event, conflicts can occur. Even if you plan a traditional wedding celebration, you may find that they differ from you in some of your preferences. Disagreements may be unavoidable, but they can be easier to resolve when they are brought up early. Discussing your plans and theirs at the start of your engagement period can be a good idea. This can be particularly important if your parents are helping with some or all of your costs.

Honoring Your Parents On The Wedding Day

There are several traditional roles that parents will play in a typical wedding ceremony and reception, including spots in your ceremony procession. Which of these you decide to honor will ultimately be up to you and your partner. With that said, these gestures are a great way to show gratitude to them not just for their role in helping plan your wedding, but also for all of their love and guidance through the years!

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