How The First Dance Fits Into Your Wedding Reception Plans

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The first dance tends to take place early in the wedding reception, and may even be the first traditional event you take part in (after your formal arrival, of course). While you have the freedom to choose whether you do something elaborate or simple, you should see this as an opportunity to set the tone for the second part of your full wedding event. While it is important to think about the dance itself, and what you want to do with this moment, you should also think about how this part of your reception fits into the rest of your evening. With so many traditional moments to engage in to help you celebrate your union, you should take time to think about how you can coordinate your events to truly make the most of your reception!

Your First Dance Is An Important Early Event During The Reception

While the ceremony and your decorations will already let guests know what to expect from your reception, the first dance still helps you convey how you would like the evening to go. You can keep things simple with a traditional dance, or add a few flourishes while on the floor. Some couples choose to do something fun and active, while others want to have a dance that celebrates their closeness. While you should think about how the dance suits the tone of your event, make your first priority choosing a song and a dance that feels right for you and your relationship!

What You Can Do To Make Your First Dance A Big Success

No matter what you intend to do with your first dance, you should practice multiple times before the big day. This does not mean you need to go out and pay for dance lessons, but at the least you and your partner should set aside evenings to dance to your chosen song. Remember to also confirm that your layout for your reception gives you ample room for yourselves, and for your guests when the dance floor is open to everyone!

Where The First Dance Fits Into The Reception Schedule

Because the first dance occurs before the rest of your guests have their turn on the dance floor, you should make this relatively early in your evening. By planning on having your dance after food is served, you can have guests’ full attention and use this to start your evening post-dinner. Another option is to start off the night with your dance. Rather than take your seats after arriving, you and your partner can walk straight to the dance floor and show off your moves! This is a good way to give your reception a fun start, and it can help you make the most of the time you have allotted for your reception.

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