Making The Time For Traditional Reception Activities

Professional Photo By: Ladybird Studios

The wedding reception is intended as more than just a shared meal between the happy couple and their guests. In the course of your evening, you can take part in a number of traditional celebrations that people look forward to during these gatherings. Of course, you have to make time for them while also setting aside time for opportunities to thank guests, take pictures, and enjoy yourselves on the dance floor! While you have more time at the reception than the ceremony, and more freedom in this event, smart planning can be beneficial if you want to make the most of this time. Our Preferred Vendors List includes contact information for event coordinators who can help you fit in time for everything you hope to do during your reception!

Start The Evening With Your Formal Arrival And First Dance

The formal arrival of the newlyweds marks the start of the wedding reception. You can keep this moment simple, or take your time to savor that initial return to the party. Typically, the happy couple will be introduced by an emcee when they arrive. One way to start the evening on the right note is to head straight for the dance floor, and kick off your event with your first dance! Make sure your photographer is ready for this, as your dance is something you will want captured on film.

Hosting Your Wedding Toasts And Bouquet Toss

Events like the wedding toasts and bouquet toss tend to bring everyone together after they have eaten and spent some time on the dance floor. To make sure that guests know these events are about to take place, you can have someone make an announcement to draw their attention. While you do not have to give approval to the toasts being given, try to give everyone speaking some idea of how much time you will have for everyone to speak.

Making Time For Dinner, Drinks, And Dessert

Dinner and drinks tend to be served at the start of the reception, with food service beginning not long after people are settled in their seats and the guests of honor have arrived. Dessert is given out toward the end of the night, making the cake cutting one of the last formal events you host. An event coordinator can be responsible for keeping up with the time so that the cake cutting does not happen too close to the end of your reception.

Host An Amazing Wedding Reception At Texas Old Town

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