Month: November 2020

Should Our Wedding Welcome Families, Or Just Adults?

The process of crafting and revising your guest list for your wedding can prove tricky. You may catch yourself as you almost forget to invite a close friend or family member, and even couples who host larger celebrations can find their guest count limiting. One issue that can be particularly tough to navigate is the… Read more »

How Involved Should Your Parents Be In Wedding Planning?

A wedding celebrates more than just the union of you and your partner. By tying the knot, you also bring your respective families together! Because weddings are often focused on family, your relatives, particularly your parents, can take active roles in helping make your celebration happen. Unfortunately, the input your parents want to give may… Read more »

How The First Dance Fits Into Your Wedding Reception Plans

The first dance tends to take place early in the wedding reception, and may even be the first traditional event you take part in (after your formal arrival, of course). While you have the freedom to choose whether you do something elaborate or simple, you should see this as an opportunity to set the tone… Read more »

Put Time Into Planning The End Of Your Wedding Reception

As hard as it might be to walk away from your wedding, the end of your night will eventually arrive, and you should be prepared for it. There are several reasons to put thought into the end of your reception. One is that you can plan a fun and touching exit that creates opportunities for… Read more »

Making The Time For Traditional Reception Activities

The wedding reception is intended as more than just a shared meal between the happy couple and their guests. In the course of your evening, you can take part in a number of traditional celebrations that people look forward to during these gatherings. Of course, you have to make time for them while also setting… Read more »

Will Our Guests Need To Be Seated Before The Ceremony?

While seating charts are often created for wedding receptions, there tends to be less control over where people sit at the wedding ceremony. There are some exceptions to this. For instance, the family of the happy couple tend to have the first row or rows reserved for them. Beyond this, you do not have to… Read more »

The Decorations You Really Want For Your Ceremony Space

When you find the right outdoor space for your wedding ceremony, you can find that you have little need for decorating to bring out its beauty. Guests at Texas Old Town have their choice of several outdoor venues that make the most of our stunning Texas Hill Country landscapes. With the right space secured, your… Read more »

Should We Go With Bold Or Subtle Wedding Colors?

As you start to think about how you want to decorate your ceremony and reception spaces, you will need to select your wedding colors. The choice you make for what color, or colors, to prominently feature can affect the formality of your event, what flowers you select, and even how your wedding party dresses. While… Read more »

What Can I Do To Make Sure I Find The Perfect Bridal Gown?

There may be (much) more to wedding planning than finding the right gown, but few tasks can feel as significant as that search for your wedding dress. Unless you are inheriting a family dress, you will likely need to form a plan for seeking and finding the gown for you. This search can require patience,… Read more »