Put Time Into Planning The End Of Your Wedding Reception

Professional Photo By: Weddings By Tony And Elena

As hard as it might be to walk away from your wedding, the end of your night will eventually arrive, and you should be prepared for it. There are several reasons to put thought into the end of your reception. One is that you can plan a fun and touching exit that creates opportunities for lovely wedding pictures. Another is that there will be certain responsibilities that have to be handled after you leave, which means members of the wedding party will have to step in and address them. Putting thought into how your night closes will help you wrap your affairs neatly, and it will help you let go of the reception in style.

Give People Advance Notice That Your Wedding Is Coming To An End

You will not need to say much about the end of your night, but you certainly do not want your guests to be caught off guard by the event’s close. A quick and formal announcement from your emcee or event coordinator to let people know the bar is going to close, and that everyone will be meeting for the happy couple’s exit, can do enough to clue people into what is soon to happen. While guests tend to understand that the wedding will be ending not long after dessert is served, an announcement can ensure people who are feeling fatigued stick around just a little longer to be part of your exit procession.

Planning Your Stylish Exit From The Wedding

You can work out plans to have an exit that is picturesque and fun, as well as requiring a minimum of clean-up. Having guests wave something with light, or use flower petals to add to the departure, can look great in your wedding photos. These approaches also limit the amount of work involved in tidying, so people who are helping clean up for the night will have less to do!

Make Sure People Are Tasked With Taking Gifts And Decorations Home

You can have professional help with breaking down and gathering decorations and cleaning. In fact, this support is included as part of your amenities in our All-Inclusive Wedding Package. With that said, there will be items that you need collected and taken on your behalf. Decorations that you own will need to be gathered, and you will also want someone to take home the wedding gifts brought to you.

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