Questions You Might Have About Your Wedding Invitations

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Wedding invitations are obviously important – they formally welcome guests to your event while providing them with all necessary event details. After finalizing your guest list and event details, you can feel prepared to send cards out to everyone you want in attendance. However, you may feel unsure of exactly what to do with the invitations themselves when it comes to both creating the right look and sharing information. How much should you say about the event, and what should you leave out? Do you need both invitations and save the date cards? With the right approach, you can make sure that you send out invitations for your wedding that you are happy with. To make wedding planning easier, Texas Old Town can actually take care of sending invitations, and many other important tasks, with our All-Inclusive Wedding Package.

What Makes Invitations Different From Save The Date Cards?

Save the date cards are important, especially for guests who will have to make travel arrangements or other special arrangements to attend your event. Essentially, these cards give people the basic details of your celebration. You will provide the date it will take place, and the location, but you can leave specifics for the invitations themselves. Your invitations will offer more information, including the address of the venue, the time the event starts, and information on your preferred attire. One thing that should remain consistent is the list of names who will receive cards. If someone receives a save the date, they should receive a formal invitation, too!

What Information Should We NOT Include In The Invitations?

There are some details that you can leave out of your invitations. One thing you can save for your wedding website is information about your gift registry. You can also limit details about the different details you have planned for the event itself. Focus on providing the details people will need in order to arrive at the venue on time, as well as all of the information on how they can RSVP. If you give people a choice of plated meals, or if you extend an offer for them to bring a plus-one, make sure you clearly state that you need their answers when they respond about attending.

When Should Our Invitations Be Sent Out?

Typically, you should send out your wedding invitations around six to eight weeks before the date of the event. Your save the date cards give people early notice to make sure they can attend your event, even if they need to work out details of travel or make sure they have a sitter to be in attendance. This window can provide enough time for you to follow up with people who do not RSVP, but it will not be so long that people unintentionally forget to reply because they have so much time to answer before the event itself.

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