Selecting The Right Season For Your Wedding

Professional Photo By: Weddings By Tony And Elena

The wedding date you choose can influence the look and feel of your event in important ways, particularly when you plan to host your ceremony outdoors. The season will affect more than just the weather – it can also affect what colors people respond favorably to, what foods and drinks make the most sense for your reception, and even the look of your natural surroundings. Couples who are unsure of what date to select for their event should take seasonal effects into account before making a commitment. Be careful about selecting a wedding date that is too soon for you to successfully plan your event. A longer engagement period will give you more time to make all the right arrangements while still securing an event at your preferred time of year.

How The Time Of Year Affects Your Wedding Experience

The time of year can have an effect on any wedding event, but it can exert more influence on an outdoor celebration. After all, the time of year will affect the landscape surrounding your venue space, which can influence what color selections and other decorative features you use. It can also influence what attire you choose for you and your partner, as well as for your wedding party. Other seasonal choices include your floral selections, as different flowers can be in bloom and available depending on the time of year, and what food and drink options seem most satisfying.

The Benefits Of Nontraditional Wedding Dates

While people often seek out wedding dates in the spring or summer months, a fall or winter wedding can offer benefits that surprise you. With these seasons, couples enjoy cooler temperatures, which can make more formal attire feel more comfortable and appropriate. These times of year can also change our landscape, giving you something different to work with. There is also a practical benefit to less traditional dates:  By choosing a less common wedding date, you can have an easier time finding the right vendors for your event!

Think About The Length Of Your Engagement Period

Be careful not to shrink your engagement period by jumping on a certain desirable date. With a planning period that is too short, you can encounter difficulties in securing vendors’ services and in making all the necessary arrangements for your celebration. You can also limit the time your family and wedding party members will have for planning pre-wedding events. While you may be eager to take your walk down the aisle, you can find that pushing back your wedding date makes it easier to enjoy the celebration you really want!

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