Should Our Wedding Welcome Families, Or Just Adults?

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The process of crafting and revising your guest list for your wedding can prove tricky. You may catch yourself as you almost forget to invite a close friend or family member, and even couples who host larger celebrations can find their guest count limiting. One issue that can be particularly tough to navigate is the choice to welcome families to your event, or to limit your wedding to just adults. By sticking with an adults-only invitation policy, you keep more spaces open for friends and family you want present. However, you may feel uncomfortable asking people to leave their children, or you could prefer to make your gathering a truly family-friendly affair.

Should You Make Space For Kids At Your Event?

If you plan on hosting a small event, or if you have a difficult time making space for everyone that you want in attendance, sticking with an adults-only plan opens up space. This can be particularly true if you have a larger family, or if many of your friends have children. With that said, may people feel that a wedding is more of a family celebration than a formal one, which makes them less comfortable asking people to leave kids at home. Asking people to leave their kids home can lead to another concern:  With no children in attendance, you will not have smaller guests to serve as a ring bearer or flower girl.

Planning An Adults-Only Celebration

Many people who think of their ideal wedding picture a reception that involves plenty of drinking, dancing, and reveling. In other words, they look forward to hosting a formal adult gathering, one that offers little in the way of amusement for kids. Choosing to only have adults in attendance can do more than just free up space at reception tables. By sticking to a child-free event, you can have an easier time creating a formal atmosphere.

Creating A Reception That Guests Of All Ages Can Enjoy

If you do plan on welcoming kids at your wedding, you should take some time to think about how you can keep them amused during the reception. In order to keep kids amused and occupied, consider setting up a small space for them at one of your reception tables. Putting out games, coloring books, and other items can hold their attention and ensure they do not feel the urge to leave early. To help their parents, you can pay a teenage guest to serve as an informal sitter and watch the kids.

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