Should We Go With Bold Or Subtle Wedding Colors?

Professional Photo By: Laura Watson Photography

As you start to think about how you want to decorate your ceremony and reception spaces, you will need to select your wedding colors. The choice you make for what color, or colors, to prominently feature can affect the formality of your event, what flowers you select, and even how your wedding party dresses. While couples have ample freedom when it comes to choosing wedding colors, the selections you make will influence the tone of your event in important ways. One thing to think about is how subtle or bold you want to make the look of your wedding. Bolder colors can make your gathering feel lively and fun, while subtler choices can help you create a more formal and elegant affair.

Your Wedding Colors Keep The Look Of Your Event Consistent

By featuring the same color palette in your decorations and style of dress, you establish a sense of consistency for your event. This can help you convey the theme and degree of formality you want for both the ceremony and reception, and it can visually bridge these two events. Of course, your colors show up in more than just wedding day pieces. You should also make sure they are prominent in your wedding invitations.

The Benefit To Subtler Wedding Colors

You may be surprised by how versatile subtle wedding colors can be. More modest tones can work well for an elegant celebration, or they can help you establish a sense of lightness for a spring or summer wedding. If you host a wedding during the winter, a variety of frosty white, silver, and/or gray hues can allow you to play off the season in a charming way. A selection of light, verdant colors can also allow you to play off your outdoor surroundings while avoiding a clash with them.

What You Gain With Bolder Wedding Colors

What can you do with bold color choices, or a selection of colors that provide more contrast? While a bolder palette can make your wedding theme less subtle, it can give the look of your event a pop that wows guests. A broader selection of colors can open you up to different patterns and varied bouquet styles. You can also use them to create a sense of contrast and escapism with a winter wedding. For example, you can give your guests a break from the cold weather by welcoming them to a lush event with fun tropical colors!

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