The Decorations You Really Want For Your Ceremony Space

Professional Photo By: Rob August Photography

When you find the right outdoor space for your wedding ceremony, you can find that you have little need for decorating to bring out its beauty. Guests at Texas Old Town have their choice of several outdoor venues that make the most of our stunning Texas Hill Country landscapes. With the right space secured, your focus may be on preserving its natural charms, but you also want to personalize your setting. A few carefully chosen additions to your space can help you make the most of your surroundings, while still letting the landscape shine. You can insert decorative pieces that help you showcase your wedding colors and frame your altar. You can also arrange and decorate a welcome station that has functional and esthetic value!

Frame Your Altar Space With Decorative Pieces

It is safe to assume that your guests will turn their attention to you and your partner once you are at the altar. Even so, it can be worthwhile to put up decorations that “frame” the two of you when you are exchanging vows. This can create a beautiful image for your wedding photographer to capture, and it can help fill the altar space without affecting where people stand.

Use Small Floral Arrangements To Add Color To Your Aisle

While your outdoor surroundings will add plenty of color to your event, they may not be the colors you choose to plan your decorations around. Keeping your wedding colors prominent during the ceremony will help create a feeling of connection between this event and your wedding reception. One way to bring them in is to place small floral arrangements on the chairs that form the border of your aisle. They will help frame this space and add to its loveliness while helping you fit more of your colors into the event. Be careful not to pick pieces that are too large, as you want to avoid any obstruction for your procession!

Create And Decorate A “Welcome Station” To Greet Your Guests

While a welcome station serves a functional purpose, the way you dress it up will help you charm your guests upon their arrival. You can feature floral arrangements and other decorative pieces, as well as signage to let people know they are at the right location. One other feature to consider is an assortment of couple photos and family pictures. These bring your relationship to the forefront, and gathering them together will pay tribute to your decision to bring both of your families together.

Create A Beautiful Wedding Ceremony At Texas Old Town

You can have a stunning wedding celebration when you have access to Texas Old Town’s beautiful outdoor spaces! In addition to offering lovely settings for your ceremony, we provide generous amenities and accommodating indoor settings for the reception. To learn more about what we can do for your special day, please fill out our online contact form or call our Kyle, TX venue today at 512.396.1800!