Traditional Reception Activities Guests Look Forward To

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Your guests can be thrilled by your plans to wed, and honored that you and your partner have invited them to be present at your ceremony. With that said, weddings are about more than just the moment a couple formally declares their plan to share the rest of their lives. Your wedding reception will serve as a chance for people to congratulate you immediately after your ceremony as well as a chance to thank the people in your life for their support with a fun gathering. Even if they are familiar with the different traditions that are often honored at the reception, your guests can be particularly excited to take part in them for you. As you work out your plans for your reception, be mindful of this, and make sure you have time to enjoy all of your planned activities. An experienced event coordinator can help you keep everything on track so that you can make the most of this evening!

Starting Your Reception On The Right Note

Officially speaking, your reception will not officially “begin” until you and your partner arrive and make your entrance to the event. Of course, before this happens, you can give everyone time to find their seats and grab drinks from the bar (if you plan to serve alcohol). You should feel free to turn your arrival into a spectacle, as it can be fun for everyone to formally welcome you and witness your first arrival as a married couple. To stay on track with your evening and start the night on a fun note, you can head straight to the dance floor when you arrive and share your first dance.

Fun Activities That Occur During The Reception

There are certain activities that are expected at a wedding reception. It may seem obvious to bring up, but one activity will be the serving of your reception dinner. Sharing a meal with everyone means thanking them for their time and presence, and it acts as a way to bring people together. Think about this as you look into your different options for caterers – you want to serve something that fits your event’s tone. Throughout the night, you will also have different activities like your wedding toasts, the bouquet toss, and the opening of your dance floor to keep everyone in high spirits.

Bringing Your Night To A Close

The right approach to closing your night can ensure that your reception ends on a positive note. The cake cutting ceremony lets people know that your night is drawing to a close, as dessert tends to occur near the end of the night. With that said, an announcement about the night’s end can be helpful, as people who are ready to depart can hold out so they are present to see the happy couple off when they depart. Your event coordinator can make sure everyone is ready to wave or toss whatever you use to make your exit special.

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