Will Our Guests Need To Be Seated Before The Ceremony?

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While seating charts are often created for wedding receptions, there tends to be less control over where people sit at the wedding ceremony. There are some exceptions to this. For instance, the family of the happy couple tend to have the first row or rows reserved for them. Beyond this, you do not have to do much to dictate where people will place themselves. The tradition of splitting the guests and having each side of the aisle represent you and your partner is not something you have to stick to. However, it can still be a good idea to have ushers for your wedding, as they can speed up the process of seating everyone, which will make it easier for you to start the event on time.

Splitting Your Guests Into “Sides” Is Not Necessary

The tradition of splitting groups by whether they belong on your side or your partner’s side can be honored, but it is not something that you have to uphold. In fact, you can find that many of the people you invite could arguably belong on both sides. Even with a more formal and classical wedding experience, this is not something you have to uphold. You can tell your ushers to simply fill the sides evenly, or put up signage that lets guests know they are free to pick whichever side they prefer for their seats.

Having Ushers Lead Guests Can Speed Up Seating

For a larger wedding in particular, it can be a good idea to put ushers in charge of seating the guests as they arrive. This can subtly encourage people to find their places quickly, and it puts people out who can answer questions people have when they arrive. If you do not have ushers, you can have members of the wedding party in place to greet guests and place them, though they will have to return early to take their place in the procession.

Wedding Signage Can Help People Find Their Way To Their Seats

Because the hosts of the wedding are not available to greet guests themselves, it can be a good idea to have signage that welcomes everyone to your event. Signs reassure people that they are in the right place, and you can place them on an informal “welcome station” that includes photos, wedding programs, and favors you plan to give out to your guests.

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