3 Fun Features To Add To Your Wedding Reception

Professional Photo By: Christina Hastings Photography

While it can certainly be a beautiful celebration of your love, and a chance to thank the people in your life who are present on your special day, your wedding reception can also be a time to relax and have fun! After so much time arranging all of the details of your wedding, you can unwind with friends and family, bask in the excitement of being married, and treat everyone to a night of drinking and dancing. To make the most of your event, you can look for extra touches that add to the fun of your reception. These additions, along with the traditional wedding reception activities, can help ensure that you and the people who come together for your celebration have a great time!

Have A Fun Backdrop And Props For Pictures

Your wedding photographer will have plenty of opportunities to capture the magic of your wedding ceremony and reception. With that said, the person (or people) in this position tend to focus on capturing live moments and take less time to have people pose. You can give everyone their own space to pose for photos with you and your partner, or with other guests, with a special backdrop set up for pictures. With a fun background and message, you can give people a space to commemorate the occasion of your wedding. Adding some fun props to hold with pictures can add to the variety of pictures people take.

Create A Dessert Table With Different Options For Treats

People expect to see a wedding cake sitting atop your dessert table. What you can do to surprise them is create a spread of different treats! A dessert table with varied options allows people to enjoy a treat before you are ready for your cake cutting, and it creates options for people who are eager for something different after their meal. For a daytime wedding, a dessert table with pastries and doughnuts can be especially popular!

Set Up A Station Where People Can Share Messages With The Newlyweds

People can tell you in person how happy they are for you, but they can have too little time to really expand on their feelings. Creating a station where people can write their wishes and store them for you to read later will help them fully express themselves. This station can be a nice way for people to leave a loving tribute, and it creates another physical record of your celebration, and the people in attendance, for you to enjoy!

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